From her days as a professional newspaper photographer and photography instructor, Missy has relationships with several of the nation’s award-winning photojournalists who, on a limited-basis are available for wedding assignments. Missy’s associates have years of professional experience telling stories with pictures and their work has been published in a myriad of national publications. Each associate also has experience photographing weddings and shares Missy’s technical and artistic sensibility for making beautiful images. Also, they are well-equipped with an array of professional photographic equipment which allows them to document elections, international events, moving picture stories and your wedding day!

To ensure consistency, Missy personally oversees the design and production of each wedding presentation and prints from weddings that are photographed by her associates and assistants (see description of assistant coverage below). All materials (hand-made books, linen-covered cigar boxes etc.) produced exclusively for Missy are made available to client’s who utilize Missy’s associates and assistants.

For a description of each level refer to Missy’s pricing schedule. All contents are identical to those described in the schedule.