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Studio Producer of MMP, M.C. Byrne is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Asheville where she studied Psychology and Business Management. M.C. loves getting to know our brides and enjoys learning the details of their big day. She adores her 1953 Rolleiflex and is especially infatuated with medium format photography. When enticed into conversation, M.C. often speaks about her plans for when (not if) she wins the lottery. When the time comes M.C. plans to buy a sailboat, hire a captain and set sail on adventure. Like her grandmother, M.C. is on a mission to lead a "well documented life" and with that said � she has far too many rolls of unprocessed film collecting dust on her mantle. If people are allowed more than one passion in life � M.C. has two - music and photography.

One more thing� it stands for Mary-Collins.
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M.C. : Shot by Nick Pironio

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