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Selecting a wedding cake and finding the perfect photographer just got easier—now, you can sample both at Edible Art in Raleigh.

Both Edible, the cake bakery with a personality all its own, and Missy McLamb, lead photographer for Missy McLamb Photographers of Raleigh, turn their work into artforms suitable for a gallery. Four of McLamb’s original wedding images will be hung permanently at Edible Art, which for almost 20 years has been a trusted and celebrated source of fanciful creations for all of life’s jubilations—just as McLamb and her associates have become for timeless wedding imagery.

Try an Edible creation while you enjoy a peek at the unobtrusive, classic and simple style of fine art and documentary photography that has so many brides seeking McLamb’s talents nationwide. More of McLamb’s work can be seen in the portfolio section

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Missy McLamb permanent images
Edible Art
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