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The Studio
Our cadre of photographers represents excellence in the profession. When not on assignment for Missy McLamb Photographers, these talented individuals, including two Pulitzer Prize nominees, can be found all over the world. They hail from a range of disciplines: photojournalism, documentary, fashion and commercial. All share the same vision as Missy, to capture the essence of a moment and to tell a person’s story for posterity in a classically beautiful way. Associates’ images have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Ms., The Washington Post, the Raleigh News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer. among others. All of our photographers shoot in both black-and-white and color and will work with a client to achieve the desired balance of both. They employ a variety of formats, including 35mm and medium format cameras. Additionally our photographers enjoy experimenting with toy cameras or Super 8 for different effects.
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Missy’s team hails from a variety of photo disciplines but is rooted most strongly in photojournalism. Being comfortable with your photographer is an invaluable part of making your wedding day memorable. Find out more about these individuals:

Missy McLamb  Principal [ North Carolina, New York City ]

Andrea Bruce  Photographer [ Washington ]

John Caserta  Photographer [ Providence ]

Ashley Collins  Photographer [ Atlanta, Raleigh ]

Eric Giovon  Photographer/Super8 [ New York ]

Alexa Monte  Photographer [ Fayetteville ]

Pailin Wedel  Photographer [ Raleigh ]

Wendy Yang  Photographer [ Charlotte ]

Press Releases

Missy McLamb Gallery to open at Fearrington Village 02/2007

McLamb Documents Cancer Patient’s Journey for Booklet 04/2006

Production Team

Our in-house production team is lead by Kelli Rempel. She leads and coordinates our group of custom bookmakers, printers, and production assistants. The in-house staff is located in the Raleigh office. Find out more about the individuals below.

Kelli Rempel  Studio Manager [ Fearrington Village ]

M.C. Byrne  Studio Producer [ Fearrington Village ]

Creative Team  [ Fearrington Village ]

Studio Location

The studio is housed inside the Missy McLamb Gallery, a contemporary photography gallery which collects, promotes and sells images from the studio archive. The gallery is nestled inside Fearrington Village, a unique community located on farmland dating back to the 1700s, near Chapel Hill. Click for directions >>

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