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After years of requests Missy will lead a series of seminars for emerging and advanced photographers at her Chapel Hill studio inside the quaint and rustic setting of Fearrington Village. � Missy's vision for the seminars reaches beyond outlining tips, techniques and a digital workflow. Students will be guided and mentored through an earnest discovery of their own photographic and business style. Missy will host separate seminars for both beginning and advanced portrait and wedding photographers. � Fellowships for the seminars will be awarded and hand-selected by Missy and her staff.
Seminars Begin Spring 2010
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"The minute I saw and understood Missy's business, I was impressed � ten years later, I'm in awe. Other photographers may not know it but they're all just playing catch up to Missy McLamb. Missy brings a smart combination of forward-thinking business savvy, an infectious personal charm and a confident artistic vision to her life and work. Through all the trends, fads and gimmicks of the moment, Missy stays true to her core beliefs as an artist and knows that doing great business is about building great relationships." - Scott Lewis, photographer

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